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Ordnance Survey Ireland's PLACE Mapping Series is a further emphatic step down the road of market-driven customer responsiveness. Our customers demanded high quality, accurate and convenient geographic information to enable them to conduct their everyday business. The OSI responded by producing the PLACE Mapping Series, aimed at professionals in the Planning, Legal, Agricultural, Construction, Engineering and related industries. This series has many advantages over traditional sheet maps, including:

* Maps of plans can be site centred
* Single plot replace multiple plans
* Paper sizes from A4 to A0 can be specified
* Maps can be plotted to your preferred scale
* Urban maps can be ordered by simply supplying property address
* Urban and rural series can be combined into a single plot
* National grid coordinates are supplied with each plan
* Extremely cost effective - payment is based only on information supplied

Urban Place Maps

Available for urban areas with a population larger than 1500 (approx). They are derived from the 1:1000 scale map series which is updated every two years. These maps are highly detailed, showing all buildings over 6 sq.m and street furniture such as lamp stands, phone booths, hydrants, etc. The level of detail can be specified according to your requirements.

Nominal scale 1:1000 ( 1mm : 1m )

Rural Place Maps

These maps are derived from either the 1:2500 and/or the 1:5000 County Series or the 1:2500 National Grid Series. The area of land parcels larger than 0.2 Hectares is shown, as well as all the features of the Urban PLACE maps except street furniture and house numbers. A choice of content is available in some areas.

Nominal scale 1:2500 ( 1mm : 2.5m )

Record Place Maps

An ideal reference source, these maps from the late 1800's through to the mid 1950's cover the whole country and provide a valuable record of the landscape, place names and features of that period. These maps can be provided site-centred, scale independent and on A4 to A0 paper. Specially useful for:
* Environmental planning procedures
* Legal and planning procedures (Site location maps)
* Historical research
* Agricultural purposes

Nominal scale 1: 10560 ( 6": 1 mile )

Planning Packs

Planning packs are specifically tailored to the needs of customers dealing with planning applications and procedures. The packs include:

* 6 PLACE maps of designated areas (site layout maps)
* 1 copy of the relevant Record Place map
Planning packs are available in both paper & digital format. The Digital Panning pack is available in vector and raster format and is compatible with most CAD packages. Please contact our office for pricing of the Digital Planning packs.


The PLACE Mapping series is also available in digital format. It can be purchased in either Raster or Vector format which can be emailed to you for convenience or put directly on a CD.

Raster format is a scanned image at 400 or 500 d.p.i. or image generated from vector data at 300 dpi, reproducing data on published map sites. It is supplied in Tiff (packbits) data format.

Vector format (point and line) data can be displayed at any scale with individual layers capable of being omitted or individually shown. It is supplied in DXF, DWG and NTF data format.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is available from the year 2000 (colour)
and 2004/2005 (colour).
Two editions, 2000 (colour) and 2004/2005 (colour), are available to purchase in paper and raster format.

Historic Mapping

These include some of the first ever large-scale survey of Ireland.
They are available in the following:
• 6 inch mapping series (1:10,560) colour 1837-1842
• 6 inch mapping series (1:10,560) greyscale 1837-1842


Touring Maps of Ireland

The larger scale touring map of Ireland is ideal for both the tourist and motorist with distances supplied between areas. A gazetteer of the towns and villages is also included.

Scale 1 :450,000 (1cm : 4.5km)

Ireland Tourist Map

A detailed route map complete with distance chart and comprehensive town index covering the island of Ireland.

Scale 1 : 600,000 (1cm : 6km)

Official Road Atlas Ireland

A spiral-bound motoring guide, containing road maps covering all Ireland, plus :
* City & Town Maps
* Touring & Motoring Information
* Distance Chart
* An Index to G.U.I. Golf Courses
* Extensive Gazetteer (Index of Towns)
Scale 1 : 210,000 (1cm : 2.1 km)

Discovery Series

These maps are designed for tourist and leisure activities. Each one covers an area 40km x 30 km at the scale of 1 : 50 000. There are 89 sheets in the series, 71 are published by Ordnance Survey Ireland and 18 by Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland.
These maps are also available to purchase as extracts at a scale of 1:15,000 or 1:50,000.

Scale 1 : 50 000

Holiday Series

The four maps in this series cover the island of Ireland and contain detailed road information and tourist features, such as caravan parks, picnic areas and information offices.

Scale 1: 250,000 (1cm : 2.5km)

These products with the co-operation of Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI)

Street Guides

Under street maps we offer the following:
Dublin City Centre Tourist Map
Dublin Commuter Map
Dublin Street Map – Compact Edition/Folded
Dublin City & District Guide
Dublin City Centre Street Atlas
Galway Street map
Kilkenny Street Map
Limerick Street Map
Waterford Street Map
Belfast Street Map
Cork Street Map

These are spiral-bound Atlases of the greater city areas and are an invaluable asset for both business people and tourists who need to find their way around.
* Detailed Map of the Cities and Districts
* Comprehensive Index to Road and Streets
* Tourist Information (including details of many of the main tourist attractions)
* Bus Route Information
* Easy-to-use Reference System
Dublin City and District Street Guide
Scale 1 : 15000 (1cm : 150m)
Cork City and District Atlas
Scale 1 : 10000 (1cm : 100m)

City & Town Series

These easy-to-use street and general purpose maps include street indices and tourist information. City Maps show streets and roads with additional features including :
* Bus Routes
* Tourist features and public buildings
* Index to roads and streets

Place Maps are Copyright Government of Ireland. No part of any OSI map may be reproduced or copied in any form without prior written permission of the Director of Ordnance Survey Ireland.

If you require any additional services please contact us and we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

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